Hello, I'm Jean-Francois Proulx

I'm a UX designer with a background in software development, agile coaching, as a team lead and Product Owner.

I bring to my teams and projects the strengths of all these perspectives.


Be agile

Collaborate with people from all disciplines. Learn from each decision. Iterate on the solution until I design the right one for the context.

Be humble

Accept that the best idea might not lead to the best design for the current need.

Welcome feedback from all project stakeholders.

Rely on Data

Make informed decisions based on data, not opinions.

Validate often with the right people.

Use mock-ups as tools

Sketches, mock-ups and prototypes are not the final product. They are tools to get better knowledge about the solution being built.



Understand the need behind the feature/request.


Sketch a high-level concept, create an interactive prototype or mock-up a high-fidelity design, depending on understanding of need and phase of the project.


Validate design appropriate stakeholder (PO, devs/engineers, internal or external users, etc.).


Iterate on the process with newly gathered information.

Hand-off for development when design is “ready”.