Component standardisation

Align design and behaviour of date-picker components

Below is a summary of the work I did for this project. To get the full details, message me on LinkedIn.


I launched the initiative to align the design and behaviour of the different date-picker components to improve global user experience.

Overview of final state


Identify the main challenges

  • The main challenge we encountered was that this was a side project for designers, so it was necessary to manage time and deadlines carefully to make sure that the initiative moved forward.


Document the different existing versions to understand the breadth of the initiative

Existing versions

Designers each create a mock-up a version to bring context from all modules

Designer versions

Combine similar designs to start user-testing with two candidates

Combined designs

Document the “winning” candidate to hand-off to developers

Final design


Standardised component was integrated in different modules

Integrated version

What I've learned

  • Teamwork is necessary to build a successful solution to a problem
  • A good initiative that improves the product user experience, will be supported by management if presented and documented thoroughly