Financial health monitor

Design a simple cost-tracking tool for Tempo Timesheets

Below is a summary of the work I did for this project. To get the full details, message me on LinkedIn.


Design a simple cost tracking tool that allows project managers to get a quick high-level overview of their project’s financial health.

Project overview


Identify the main challenges early to describe ways to address them

  • Offer an innovative solution, not a simple cloud revamp of an existing server product.
  • Few of the potential users were interested in participating in usability testing.


Define a design philosophy as a way to address the challenges

  • Provide a quick setup process
  • Limit configuration
  • Make changes incrementally


Early drafts to explore visualization options, help define and validate what was needed for the MVP

Early drafts

Screen flows allowed me to validate the different steps the users would go through

Screen flows

Iterate on designs in collaboration with engineering, design team and others to include perspective from many disciplines

Iterate on designs


I used mock-ups to present the project to stakeholders.

Projects list is the entry point in the product and shows a summary for each project
Project Overview gives a high-level summary of the project’s financial health
Project Scope sums up cumulative labor costs and details information by task
Project Team gives an overview of labor costs by role and detailed information by team member
Project Expenses allows entry of variable costs and gives an overview by cost category

I explored visual improvements to enhance the user experience for future releases.

Overview page would make it easy to compare costs and revenues and their distribution
Other types of data visualization might be more appropriate for some cases
Skeleton states give a better experience while data is loading

What I've learned

  • Validation with potential users (even if done internally) is important for building a great product
  • Setting a design approach/philosophy early-on helps keep priorities on track and eases decision-making
  • Collaboration within the team is a big part of building the right solution