Improved time logging

Redesign the Tempo section of the Jira issue view

Below is a summary of the work I did for this project. To get the full details, message me on LinkedIn.


Redesign a section of the Jira issue view to improve time logging and planning, and adapt to new constraints.

Overview of initial and final states


Identify the main challenges

  • Imposed page constraints.
  • Consider view/edit data permissions.


Understand the new constraints to design within them

Page constraints

Iterate on designs in collaboration with engineering, design team and others to include perspective from many disciplines

Iterate on designs


I used mock-ups to present the project to stakeholders.

Component empty state gives quick access to most common actions
Component with multiples types of data shows a good level overview of work done or planned on task

What I've learned

  • Multiples short design-validate iterations are useful when there are many unknowns
  • Keep designs lightweight so they are easy to change when new information comes in